the best care for your pets



  • 11 years of experience in dog grooming
  • Capable of doing the 5 main standard cuts : Schnauzer (or Short-Legged Terriers), Puppy Cuts, Poodles (Hand-Scissored), Cocker Spaniel and Summer Clips.
  • 13 years of work experience in customer service 
  • Hands on experience in pet controlling
  • Specializes in small dog breeds



  • Empathy for animals
  • Demonstrates ability to restrain animals
  • Keen on working in an organized and professional manner
  • Great interpersonal skills

Lori is an artistic and enthusiastic individual with a great passion for dog grooming. She is from Miami, FL. She started out as a pet stylist's assistant at Petsmart and then got promoted to go to grooming school in 2005 where she was taught how to groom all kinds of dog breeds. She's worked at several pet salons in Florida to gain experience in different cities. Lori moved to Brandon, MB in 2012 to finish her Fine Arts degree at Brandon University as well as continue her grooming career. She's been working at Sola since 2016 and couldn't be happier. Lori works part-time (including weekends) during University season and full-time the rest of the time. 

"Quality is greater than quantity and I make sure that every dog I groom leaves looking and feeling great. " - Lori