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Leslie has been working in the Dog Day Care business since 2014. She started out as a dog care taker at Happy Paws. When Happy Paws became Sola Dog Salon in 2015, Stephanie kept Leslie around because she was so dependable and great with the dogs.

All the daycare dogs love Leslie. She monitors the overall activities of the dogs in the daycare. She's extremely good at supervising the dogs from getting into little brawls, if any. She makes sure the standards of cleanliness are maintained inside and outside. Leslie will treat your furry one well and make sure he/she is always looked after. Leslie also brings her German Shepherd, Tucker to work on most days. Tucker is well-trained, smart and fun to be around. You can say he's the Dog Day Care mascot.

Key Qualifications

  • Previous experience at Happy Paws Doggy Daycare in Brandon. 
  • Highly experienced in customer service and dog monitoring

  • Knowledge in pet first aid 
  • Passionate about dogs and providing them with a safe and fun environment

Relevant Capabilities 

  • Eager to take on challenges
  • Responsible for daily cleaning such as cleaning after dogs do their business, also cleaning of beds, crates, toys and other play equipments 
  • Supervise dogs that need to be taken outside as well as dogs that need a time out.
  • Responsible for following feeding schedules for all dogs 
  • Responsible for other tasks assigned
    • Able to lift up to 23kg (50lbs)
    • Able to assist and explain the services of Sola Day Care