Kelsey is passionate about her work and has an artist’s point of view, from drawing to grooming. She’s from Lorette, Manitoba, and started working with animals at Waldenway Canine and Kitty Camp outside of Winnipeg. She learned many things about our furry friends there! One of her favorite aspects of the job was learning to bathe the pets, and make them feel the best they can. She started as a bather and then got taught from the owner and head groomer how to spruce up the guests. Kelsey moved to Brandon during spring of 2016 and started working at Sola Dog Daycare and Grooming right away. She’s mostly in the back taking care of the daycare dogs; playing and cleaning up after them. On really busy days, she assists with grooming. Kelsey looks forward to meeting your furry loved ones!

Key Qualifications

  •  Certified in Pet CRP
  •  Worked closely with many dogs and cats with some form of aggression (fear, food, separation anxiety)
  •  Has administered medications
  •  Specializes in large dog breeds

Relevant Capabilities

  •  Taken care of all kinds of animals (dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, goats, chickens)
  •  Spent a summer being the main groomer
  •  Has done lots of pet sitting for family and friends

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